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Product Name: Cold Forming Foil

Structural Specifications: OPA/AL/PVC, regular Thickness 0.14mm, weighing abt 230grams per m2

Main Application: For Low Density Packaging Tablet, Pill, Powder, Capsule, Suppository, Medical Diagnostic products

COLD FORMING FOIL is the best barrier properties of new packaging materials. Can be completely isolated from water vapor, oxygen, ultraviolet ray. The unique gorgeous Sliver-gray performance is attractiveness of the packaging products. Its useage is characterized by: Directly as pharmaceutical blister rigid sheet cold blister and fill drugs and PTP Aluminium Foil heat sealing, then formation of alu/alu packaging structure. Each bliser forming separate completely isolated from the water vapor, oxygen, ultraviolet ray. Remove part of the contents of the tablet of a plate, will cause not any effect on other drugs on the same plate. It is particularly suitale for packaging the moisture sensitive drugs and drugs sold in hot & humid area. By changing the mold, you can ealily create beautiful and diverse shape. Now COLD FORMING FOIL packaging has become synonymous with high-grade durgs.