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Product Name: Aluminium Foil Veneer

Light weight with different desity (40 to 200 kg/m3)
Fire-resistant with BS476 Class O & ASTM E-84 Class A & UL94-VO test reports
Excellent thermal insulation with thermal conductivity 0.024W/m. K
Quick installation and rapid & easy construction
CFC / HCFC free and environment friendly

Exterior buildings
Agriculture/ residential / commercial buildings
Fire wall for office and/or other interiors
Cold Storage
Roof, Wall and Floor Insulation

Length: 600 - 4000mm 
Width: 600 -1200mm 
Thickness: 20-100mm

Phenolic foam-building insulation excellent choice


Because polystyrene foam and polyurethane foam are flammable, high temperature resistant, not in some developed countries (by fire department restrict the use of fire prevention, demanding place, government departments have expressly can only use phenolic foam and sandwich board. Therefore, phenolic heat preservation material is better suited to a strict requirements under the environmental conditions of use high-performance materials, has a good development prospect. As steel structure workshop, large industrial workshop, mobile home, the cold storage, the clean workshop, buildings and layer, temporary housing, stadium, supermarkets and other need to fire the requirements of the heat preservation buildings.


1, replacing the polyurethane, polystyrene, rock wool used in steel sandwich board thermal insulation layer, have other materials cant achieve fire insulation requirements;


2, some industrial workshop roof, metope heat insulation heat preservation, achieve the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer;


3, can be used to construct fire belt, achieve A level not burning the national construction industry fire safety standards;


4, used in making the central air conditioning composite duct, at present this kind of product is high, the most mature products at home and abroad, most project has applications.

一、Phenolic aldehyde colored steel sandwich board--the fire prevention + insulation double efficient performance

At present, most of the steel sandwich board manufacturers use of core board for polyurethane, polystyrene, rock wool, etc. Polyurethane itself not fire, burning a lot of smoke produced to contain QingHuaQing, harm to human health. And polystyrene but not fire prevention, with long will shrink after external thermal insulation performance is also very poor. Rock wool although can fire prevention, but the heat preservation performance is poor. Polyurethane, polystyrene market are poor, service life generally in 10 years or so, and phenolic insulation board life can be as high as 30 years. Xiamen high, based on research and development production has phenolic insulation board 10 years history, phenolic foam is as steel sandwich board replace board core best materials.

Xiamen GOOT professional production of steel sandwich board new alternative fire prevention board core-phenolic foam plank, provide the steel sandwich board manufacturers use, welcome to telephone to inquire.

Phenolic foam coefficient of thermal conductivity is around 0.023 (ps in the twice as many), fire prevention level is not burning class A (150 ℃ high temperature resistance), and price and polyurethane almost. Polystyrene foam and polyurethane foam are flammable, not high temperature resistant, has been under fire department restrict the use of fire prevention, demanding place, government departments have expressly can only use phenolic foam and sandwich board. The current production phenolic aldehyde colored steel sandwich board manufacturers are numbered, phenolic aldehyde colored steel sandwich board of the wide prospect of market.


Note: the ministry of public security of the Peoples Republic of China, housing and rural construction in September 25, 2009 jointly promulgated civil building heat preservation system of outer wall adornment fire prevention and the interim provisions of chapter 4 of article 11 of the regulations: "used for temporary residence building of metal sandwich composite plank, its core material should be used or not burning flame retardant insulation materials."



二、Workshop roof, metope heat insulation heat preservation

For the buildings for, in the summer, outdoor heat energy mainly through the wall and roof radiation enter indoor, and winter is most heat through the wall and roof penetration lost. Therefore, the walls and the heat insulation to block a heat transfer is very necessary.


Phenolic heat insulation board set fire, heat preservation double efficacy, resistant to 150 ℃ high temperature, the coefficient of thermal conductivity in 0.023, and use life is as high as 30 years, can make up for polyurethane, polystyrene, rock wool cant fire, heat preservation material such as poor efficiency, short life defects. At the same time, phenolic board is qualitative light, construction is convenient, is the ultimate roof insulating heat preservation material.

二、Exterior insulation fire belt 


September 25, 2009, the ministry of public security, housing and rural construction jointly "civil building heat preservation system of outer wall decoration and the interim provisions of fire prevention, this paper regulation: civil building height more than equal to 100 meters, other civil building is equal or greater than 50 m, curtain wall type building higher than 24 m, the heat preservation material combustion performance should be A level; Less than the above height, should set up fire belt.


High, phenolic fire prevention insulation board under high temperature to drop, dont melt not soften, hair smoke quantity is low, not diffusion flame, flame resistant through, fire prevention function well and has good effect of heat preservation and heat insulation, excellent fire performance and good energy saving effect of the collection in a body, can be used to construct the traditional EPS/XPS/PU of exterior wall thermal insulation system fire belt.