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Product Name: Vacuum Insulation Panel

Name: Vacuum Insulation Panel

VIP is the Vacuum Insulation Panel abbreviation of English; it is one of the Insulation materials, it is by the core filling materials and vacuum protection surface layer compound and into, it effectively avoid air convection caused by heat transfer, therefore coefficient of thermal conductivity can be greatly reduced, less than 0.0025 w/m.k, and does not contain any OD materials, it has the characteristics of environmental protection and energy efficient, the world's most advanced efficient heat preservation material.

Vacuum Insulating Panel can be widely use in fridge, freezer, refrigerator, refrigerated containers, ice thermal insulation systems of chamfer of adiabatic heat preservation material.
The core materials through maximize internal vacuum to isolate heat conduction, achieve the goal of energy saving; heat preservation, it is the heat preservation material upgrades, change a product, realized the heat preservation material thickness is reduced by half, energy-saving province electricity half of the effect. Currently vacuum insulating board is mainly used in refrigerator fields, have energy-saving, wall thin and effective volume big advantages. Meet the future development banned CFC insulation product revolutionary requirements. It meets the future development banned CFC insulation product revolutionary requirements.


* Physical Properties